Work visit donation

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Board members regularly pay visits to the orphanage. This really is essential, in order to make sure that the means are used in the correct way, in order to provide on-the-spot help to our local colleagues, and in order to be up-to-date on where our help should be expanded. The costs for work visits are not paid from the general gift income. They are only made possible by designated gifts contributed solely for the purpose of 'work visits'. Is this something you would like to contribute to?

idealPlease select one of the support amounts below and donate by making use of iDEAL or Paysafecard. Donations from abroad may make use of Mister Cash or SOFORT Banking.

A smaller screen will pop up when an amount has been selected. Please use that screen to verify the chosen amount and adapt it.

If you would rather take care of a gift for this purpose by your own bank transfer, then please add the comment 'Work visits'. IBAN number: NL33 SNSB 0871 51, BIC/SWIFT: SNSBNL2A, Account holder: Stichting De Mangoboom, Ede, the Netherlands. (Please do NOT send  us cheques, as the Dutch financial system is not very well capable of handling cheques.)

On behalf of the orphanage children, we would like to thank you very much for your support!