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The Mango Tree foundation - helping children in need in Burkina Faso

tweetalWelcome to the Mango Tree foundation's website. The foundation "De Mangoboom" (Dutch for 'mango tree') seeks to provide a better future for orphans and other children in need in Burkina Faso.

The country contains tens of thousands of orphans. The mortality rate among parents as well as children in this warm African country is large due to poor hygiene, infectionous diseases, AIDS and chronic malnutrition. The main cause for all of this is the extreme poverty of the country. Another reason why a child can be neglected or ousted is that several tribes hold newborn baby's are responsible for the death of their mother during childbirth. Such baby's are doomed to die unless an outsider intervenes.

The Mango Tree foundation stands up for some of these children by supporting one of  Burkina Faso's orphanages. Our first priorities are to provide for enough food, seek to improve hygiene, guarantee access to medical care and we help children to attend school.

Is providing for Africa's needs like a drop in the ocean? Perhaps it is. But for each child that receives support it makes a world of difference. It not only helps the child survive, but it also offers an opportunity to escape poverty and find a better future.